horizontal screen

Horizontal Machine

Horizontal Screens are generally designed to operate in stationary and in portable plants where load and travel height is limited or must be held to a minimum. To be an effective screening machine the shaft vibrator mechanism should provide a high G force along with the efficient elliptical motion that can be control by adjusting the stroke, stoke angle, and speed, for a optimize performance.

Similar to inclined Screens, Horizontal Screens can be made in different size, width, and length to meet a variety of application.


Inclined Machine

Inclined Screens are durable and dependable. The essence of the inclined vibrating screen is the heavy-duty eccentric shaft assembly where bearings are pressed into the bearing housing and the inner competition floats on the shaft.

A number inclined screen has been and still being supplied and commissioned by Bin Harkil, to various locations and of different application inside the Saudi Arabian Region. Inclined screens are available in Single or Dual Mechanism, all depends on the size and capacity of the materials to be processed.


Electro Mechanical Feeder

Electro Mechanical Feeders driven by vibratory motors have been used for years in feeding and conveying all types of bulk materials. The EMF can either be installed below hoppers and silos to feed material continuously or transitional, or can be used to simply to transfer material.

EMF is driven by 2 counter-rotating vibratory motors. The stroke of these feeders can be adjusted by changing the setting of the motors. The capacity can be altered during operation by varying the speed of the motors when using a frequency controller.

The EMF is generally made from MS plate and is lined with replaceable wear resistant liners bolted in position. 


Mobile Crusher

Some crushers are mobile and can crush rocks as large as 60 inches. Primarily used in-pit at the mine face these units are able to move with the large infeed machines (mainly shovels) to increase the tonnage produced. In a mobile road operation, these crushed rocks are directly combined with concrete and asphalt which are then deposited on to a road surface. This removes the need for hauling over-sized material to a stationary crusher and then back to the road surface.




A device such as the Electro Mechanical Feeder and Vibrating Grizzly Feeder controls the rate at which this material enters the crusher, and often contains a preliminary screening device which allows smaller material to bypass the crusher itself, thus improving efficiency.