Written on April 28, 2014

MODONDelegation from the Industrial Property Authority visited the factory April 6, 2014. The visit was to oversee the progress at Bin Harkil Granite Factory.

During the past three years, Bin Harkil commenced a major market study into the stone industry and technology that brought them finally to establish and construct a new processing factory on 60,000 sqm at Najran Industrial City, the factory to date is the largest in the city of its production capacity and area.

Najran Region is developing and Bin Harkil Co. investment in Najran Granite will take advantage of such development, and service the export market.

For the evolution of technology, Bin Harkil Granite Factory acquired and equipped the factory with best technology acquired thru the partnership and cooperation of world class manufacturers such as Pellegrini Meccanica, GMM, Cemic, Tecnoidea Impianti, Faedo Officina, and others. All technical partners are well known to the ornamental stone industry worldwide, and are specialized with the latest technology.